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  1. davy ards

    Nations League Draw.. (3/3/20)

    We were never getting world beaters as opposition...... To be honest I'm happy with Austria, so I'll not complain.
  2. davy ards

    Bass Drums

    Some boy spewed his guts up just down from us, nearly spewed myself seeing it...... a huge f**king pile. Fair play to the Stadium staff, who had a clean team arriving soon after.
  3. davy ards

    Post Mortem

  4. davy ards

    Post Mortem

  5. davy ards

    Post Mortem

    Every little helps.....
  6. davy ards

    Campaign Cards

    I have a feeling Germany and Holland could be worth more than this weekend's games......well, depending on results.
  7. davy ards

    Campaign Cards

    Cheers Scott.....sold it for £30 Fair enough at this late stage for Estonia.....
  8. davy ards

    Campaign Cards

    With campaign cards, it's hard to know what to charge folk buying spares..... What's the rate for these two games?
  9. davy ards

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    Why was that? Thought the draw was at 12.....and only caught on as Estonia were pulled out
  10. davy ards

    Campaign Cards

    Think it's for Newbies to register interest atm.....
  11. davy ards

    Campaign Cards

    Any updates on this?