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  1. MisterLee

    Best and worst - Sarajevo

    Best Sarajevo, Loved the contrast walking from old Ottoman era town up through Austro Hungarian era and into the more modern area Chilling in the Old Town every morning with a pot of Bosnian coffee watching the world go by Beautiful Sarajevo women Locals so welcoming The atmosphere in the ground from the travelling GAWA. For me part of it was payback for the Bosnians being so friendly and a bit of affinity for how they had suffered. March to the ground a bit surreal. Ended up pretty much last man at the back. Got to the ground and the Bosnian fans behind the robocops were cheering and beckoning us over. Set off on a dander towards them....robocops made a beeline and stopped me. Cue uproar from the fans to the cops and I was allowed over to give a lad my scarf. Worst Result disappointing after hitting the woodwork 3 times Wish I’d done a wee bit more sightseeing
  2. MisterLee

    South Korea

    £2.75 a ticket
  3. MisterLee

    March Friendlies?

    Today’s Mirror mentions a friendly with South Korea in March