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  1. Huntsman88

    Other groups

    Draw to decide who is home for the final, assume this is done in November.
  2. Huntsman88

    Other groups

    Think we would know if we'll be home or away for the final after the draw in November but doesn't really help if away as still 50/50 where it will be.
  3. Huntsman88

    Post Mortem

    Gutting not to come away with something, really thought 1-1 would have been fair. Probably the best performance in a green shirt for 5 or 6 players but Germany just too much quality in midfield and attack.
  4. Huntsman88

    Campaign Cards

    If you log in to your account should be able to print out tickets.
  5. Huntsman88

    Campaign Cards

    Campaign cards don't work for Luxembourg game. Either paper tickets or print at home.
  6. Huntsman88

    Starting 11 v Germany

    Thanks for clearing that up, my point being he wasn't 'ready' for the last matches but still performed. Something that Corry/Saville and others will have to do regardless of how match fit they are.
  7. Huntsman88

    Starting 11 v Germany

    If you only picked our players who are 'ready' we would be fielding about 6/7 players for the majority of matches. Was Washington ready for the last two games? He'd barely kicked a ball all year. We don't have the luxury of ideal worlds where everyone is coming in 100% match fit. Will be a midfield 5 as usual, no chance Michael's going to just suddenly stick 2 up top against Germany.
  8. Huntsman88

    Campaign Cards

    Not applicable as if demand is higher than capacity and loyalty points are used to select who gets tickets then you don't earn any points for that match, as was the case with Switzerland.
  9. Huntsman88

    Line up V Belarus

    Saville only player on yellow before tonight so now have 5 players on one yellow. I assume it's 2 yellows for suspension in which case may have 1 or 2 miss Netherlands away.
  10. Huntsman88

    Math thread (Tallin)

    Hopefully the midfield actually make it out of the changing room for the second half
  11. Huntsman88

    Germany or Holland

    The nations league winners do not qualify for euros. They still have to finish first or second in their group to do so. Only thing is they are guaranteed a playoff if they fail to qualify.
  12. Huntsman88

    Post Mortem

    Was from a short corner that was crossed in straight away. Nothing more frustrating than taking it short, fannying around then inevitably hitting the first defender/ending up playing it back to defender or GK which for some reason we seem to have become masters at recently! We have always been a threat from set pieces so just stick it in the box!
  13. Huntsman88

    Post Mortem

    Thought Jones did alright over the two games. His ball led to the goal against Estonia and had laffs been a bit sharper could have been another 2 last night. He became frustrating as we clearly weren't getting any joy from his runs last night and started to give the ball away cheaply so thought he should have been subbed earlier. Still pretty inexperienced at this level, but he's definitely got potential to be an important player moving forward.
  14. Huntsman88

    Other groups

    Could have been a hell of a lot more uncomfortable had it not been for a good save by Randolph just a minute or two before they scored.
  15. Huntsman88

    Squad for Belarus and Estonia at home

    Michael said in his interview with BBC he hopes he'll be back for June matches, September at the latest so clearly not a fitness issue. I'd guess he's under some pressure from SU to avoid picking up injury as they push for promotion. Disappointing as he's one of the few players having a positive season.