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  1. Norniron1989

    Post Mortem

    Bloody brilliant Josh!
  2. Norniron1989

    Post Mortem

    Game is crying out for Paul Smyth to come on!
  3. Norniron1989

    Squad v Austria (A) and Bosnia (A)

    Some lunatics on here completely over reacting, just wait and see before you automatically jump to the worst conclusions.
  4. Norniron1989

    Israel (H) friendly - Sept 11

    From the BBC website - "Northern Ireland's last 12 goals in all competitions at Windsor Park have been scored by different players - Ward, Washington, Boyce, Jonny Evans, Brunt, Magennis, an own goal, Smyth, Grigg, Davis, Dallas and Whyte.'
  5. Norniron1989

    Squad v Bosnia (and Israel)

    When is the under 21 squad announced?
  6. Norniron1989

    Squad v Bosnia (and Israel)

    What about young Ben Hall? high hope for him.
  7. Norniron1989

    Central America tour

    Does anyone know of Shay McCartan is actually any good? Or has seen him play?
  8. Norniron1989

    Central America tour

    Thought Calum Camps would be an option aswell.
  9. Norniron1989

    Squad v South Korea - new faces

    Think had Brunt been called up Lewis would of went with under 21s
  10. Norniron1989

    Squad v South Korea - new faces

    When is squad announcement?
  11. Norniron1989

    Squad v South Korea - new faces

    Agree 100%, looks a decent team there!