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  1. norniron93

    Euro 2020 Finals Draw

    I've a wedding to go to on June 20th so that is great news for me (if we get there).
  2. norniron93

    Post Mortem

    It'll be interesting to see If Lewis, Evans and Dallas play this weekend...
  3. norniron93

    Post Mortem

    Craig Cathcart was superb. J. Evans decent too. I thought Magennis didn't do too badly against Van Dijk and De Ligt although was knackered by the end. Same with Whyte, seemed exhausted too but played well. Thought Smith looked good again when he came on too. The Dutch are crap.
  4. norniron93

    Other groups

    Just the 3. I was 5 but it was my first ever game. I ended up falling asleep at it... Probably a surprise to those I went with that I wanted to go back, 20 years on and I'm over the 70 mark now!
  5. norniron93

    Score Prediction v Holland

    Netherlands- A Lot Northern Ireland - 0
  6. Anyone else find it strange that the IFA account seems to be taking the mick out of Warren Feeney a bit with their release video?
  7. Good to see Lewis involved. Hopefully don't have to see Brown up against the Dutch...
  8. norniron93

    Looking two tickets

    So people can just email and ask for these tickets? Seems absurd they wouldn't just email those groups who are next on the list and missed out. After getting sorted for one extra one on here, my group still requires one more unfortunately.
  9. norniron93

    Starting line up v Holland

    When is the squad announcement expected?
  10. norniron93

    Looking two tickets

    If anyone else comes across any tickets for sale then let me know - a mix up has still left us needing one (despite getting sorted for one on here already!)
  11. norniron93

    Post Mortem

    The uninterested was only in reference to last night. The crap bit was in reference to the majority of his NI career. Apologies for the confusing way I typed it
  12. norniron93

    Post Mortem

    Enjoyed the game last night. Thought BPF was excellent, as were Cathcart and Evans. One of Saville's best performances in an NI shirt too. McGinn was pretty poor and Josh was uninterested/crap (sums up his NI career bar 3 or 4 games to be honest). How he has 46 caps I'll never know. Whyte looked very lively when he came on.
  13. norniron93

    Other groups

    Sorry, I'm being an idiot - misread your original comment!
  14. norniron93

    Other groups

    Don't Kosovo already have a playoff spot? How does that affect things?
  15. norniron93


    Although he didn't play that long he impressed me. There was a brilliant sliding block from a long range Luxembourg effort too which stood out. I watched him play a few times in CB for the U21s and wasn't that impressed but the change of position seems to be doing well for him.