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  1. Nigel82

    Campaign Cards

    Quick question .... how does the print at home work? I have vague recollection in the past that if you select print at home you needed to print out all tickets in your block booking, and couldn’t just do individual tickets? Is this still the case? I can’t make the Belarus game and have sold on my ticket to a friend of a friend - dont really want to give out my card, but too much hassle to print out everyone else’s tickets for that night as well!
  2. Nigel82

    Campaign Cards

    I bought a couple pre Christmas - it was for Campaign Card holders to buy extra if they wanted. There didn’t seem to be too many available, especially in the family stand
  3. Nigel82

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    There’s a picture on this page of the IFA website that lists the friendly dates as September 6th & October 13th https://www.irishfa.com/news/2018/december/estonia-and-belarus-first-up-for-northern-ireland-in-euro-2020-qualifiers
  4. Nigel82

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    I think that we are missing matchdays 5 and 8, so if I have worked this out the potential friendly opponents would be: Matchday 5: Georgia, Hungary, Montenegro, Luxembourg Matchday 8: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Luxembourg.
  5. Nigel82

    Campaign Cards

    There’s not going to be much of a refund anyway ... face value for Belarus & Estonia Grandstand tickets is £50. If they keep that price for the Germany & Netherlands games (I’d expect to be more expensive tbh) that leaves £26 for the refund ...
  6. Nigel82

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    I asked the IFA exactly that question before renewing - their reply was that we’d get a refund. Now given that we’ll miss out on a match against a Pot 6 side, I’d expect they’ll giver us about a tenner!
  7. Nigel82

    Post Mortem

    I think it’s the Euro 2020 qualifying that is confusing. You’d have to presume that most, if not all of the top tier will qualify through the qualifiers, so what happens then? If say 1 group A time don’t qualify then who do they play - it would hardly be fair to the Group B winners to play a team from a higher tier, rather than a team of a comparable standard
  8. Nigel82

    Squad v Austria (A) and Bosnia (A)

    Ward & McGinn are out, Kyle Vassell from Rotherham called up https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45785312
  9. Nigel82

    UEFA considering international leagues

    Think I would have preferred one country to host all three matches, say the highest seeds. At least that way you would know in advance where you need to be!
  10. Nigel82

    Squad v Bosnia (and Israel)

    BBC excelling themselves as usual - McLaughlin at Millwall (which is correct for Conor) but then C. McLaughlin at Oldham (if they mean Ryan, didn't he move to Blackool?) and Jonny Evans at West Brom
  11. Nigel82

    Squad v Bosnia (and Israel)

    He's in the squad posted on Facebook, as is McNair
  12. Nigel82

    Central America tour

    Both Lafferty & McGinn have posted on Twitter about having a break now so I’m guessing they aren’t in the squad (unless it’s a very short break!)
  13. Nigel82

    South Korea

    Still showing on Freesports schedule for Saturday, from 1:55. Sky Channel 424, also on Freeview (channel 95 I think). Freesports is a decent wee channel for random free football
  14. Nigel82

    Squad v South Korea - new faces

    Other than Goss deciding if he wants to play for us, is there anything that needs sorted? He’s not ‘switching’ is he? Has he played for English underage teams?
  15. Nigel82

    South Korea

    Totally agree. This seems to have been a change for this game. For the New Zealand game I was able to change one of my usual block booking tickets to a concession ticket in the Upper Deck of the North Stand by simply sending ticketmaster an email. Tried the same for this game and was told that I couldn't.