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  1. South Korea

    I normally park on the Boucher Road but because I had plenty of time i decided to park in the city at the Great Northern car park and walk out to the ground. £2 for 4 hours parking wasn't too bad. Came back to the car and got back onto the west link via the Grosvenor road then onto the M1 with no hassle at all.
  2. South Korea

    Considering big G hasn't played much lately for West Brom I thought he played very well. Lewis looked a little bit shaky at times which I suppose is only natural for his first game but he will surely grow into a very good left back for us.
  3. Starting XI v South Korea

    If they all don't make it, it will be nice to see a few of the younger/new players get a run out. Obviously would be good to win the game but seeing how the new guys fit in might give the game a bit more interest from a normal type friendly.
  4. South Korea Match Predictions

    If Grigg doesn`t get selected or doesn`t want to be selected for this next game that`s the end of him for us.
  5. UEFA considering international leagues

    Anyone but the Republic, the crap surrounding the games would just go into overdrive and bring out all the wrong types wanting to go and cause trouble.
  6. UEFA considering international leagues

    And if they both make the final? My moneys on Putin for the win.