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  1. green port

    Score Prediction v Estonia

    Thought Lafferty suffered from any quality service. Final ball from both wings was poor as has been the case lately. Hard to know of course but I think he would have put away the chances Josh got late on in the game. Big save from BPF when the score was 1-0, hopefully that gives him more confidence for the next game. Thought Saville was good in midfield, got through a lot of work. Would have give Smyth a run in place of Jones in the second half as he did very little. Maybe that will be a change Mon makes for Sunday nights game.
  2. green port

    Score Prediction v Estonia

    If we were going into these 2 games with a more settled squad I would be fairly confident of 2 wins but with so many players getting little game time for their clubs, Norwood asking to be left out and others injured I'm not so sure we can win both. 1-0 win against Estonia 0-0 against Belarus.
  3. green port

    Squad v Estonia 21.3.19

    I think MON will just revert back to McNair again at right back.
  4. green port

    Campaign Cards

    I can see the buses being a welcome target/sight in certain parts of the city during its tour with the IFA badge and Northern Ireland shirt shining brightly on the back of the bus. 😊
  5. green port

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    I know what you mean, some people are very hard to please. Its easier for some to just moan and complain as it is to give praise.
  6. green port

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    I was talking about the Estonia and Belarus games
  7. green port

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    Im pretty sure Michael did set out to wins games, the fact we didn't win them was because players couldn't put the ball in the net when it was needed. You cant blame Michael for that. Why is everyone so negative about the draw. We get the chance to see and the players get the chance to play against some of the best players in the game. Yes we could play against some crap teams, win the games and think we are the dogs Bollocks when we are actually achieving nothing. It might be hard to accept the defeats but we wont improve as a team unless we play better opposition and learn from them. Plus we get to play Holland which is what i have always wanted to see us do [ the friendly doesn't count ]
  8. green port

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    The amount of Buckfast bottles lying around inside the stadium is a disgrace. Who cleans up the stadium after every International game ? Surely having to clean them up so often is brought to someone`s attention ? I'm not concerned about the rubbish that is left behind, it happens in all stadiums, but one of these days the type of people who bring in the bottles and then decide its ok to just leave them lying around are probably the type who would get angry at someone, ref/player and think nothing about throwing a throw a bottle onto the pitch. Then everyone suffers.
  9. green port

    Line up/Match Thread

    Jones always looks like he hasn't got the brains to go with his speed and ability. Its one thing being fast and skilful but you have to be able to have an end product. Bit like Dallas at times. Its still very early yet with Jones, only his 5th cap i think so hopefully he can learn and improve.
  10. green port

    Austria at home.

    Did the under 16`s get a mention for winning the Victory Shield ?
  11. green port

    Today's preidictions

    Neither team has anything to win/loose so no need to be all defensive, 2-2 with plenty of chances for both teams.
  12. green port

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    Oh don`t go saying that
  13. green port

    Score Prediction v Rep of Ireland

    How can you even think of such a thing ? ? Please no.
  14. green port

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    With the Norwich boss complaining about giving Lewis a rest I would say Mon`s plans are to let him sit out training and the friendly. IF the Austria v Bosnia game on Thursday has the wrong result for us and leaves our game against Austria a dead rubber he might well leave him out for that game. If we can get anything from the Austria game then I would expect him to play in that.
  15. green port

    Republic of Ireland (A) - Nov 15

    Was watching the Wigan v Leeds game on Sky the other day and it said Grigg wont play again until December after picking up a hamstring injury while playing for N.Ireland.