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  1. CityofLisburn

    Ronald Koeman - Spud-faced git.

    Usual class response from MON would be great to beat those arrogant b
  2. CityofLisburn

    Other groups

    cheers mate
  3. CityofLisburn

    Other groups

    Sorry what I meant is it an open draw
  4. CityofLisburn

    Other groups

    good stuff mate are the play offs a free draw
  5. CityofLisburn

    Other groups

    Anyone but Wales for me
  6. CityofLisburn

    Starting line up v Holland

    Never felt so gutted at a NI match was on such a high when we scored and couldn't see us losing, that train journey back to Amsterdam was hard very hard.
  7. CityofLisburn

    Looking two tickets

    looking 2 tickets if any available pm me thanks
  8. CityofLisburn

    Starting 11 v Germany

    Whyte should be in the starting line up against the germans imo
  9. CityofLisburn

    Squad for Luxembourg and Germany

    yes would certainly clarify things although if the issue is between him and MON he might just wait for a change of manager.
  10. CityofLisburn

    Squad for Luxembourg and Germany

    Agreed tbh a bit disappointing as things appeared to be starting to go well with his goal at home v bosnia and really unlucky not to score away in next game in Austria. Although he has had quite a few injuries-main one during the Austria game- you just get the feeling he couldn't be arsed with us. Grigg is a proven goalscorer and someone who should be in the squad.
  11. CityofLisburn

    Squad for Luxembourg and Germany

    I think again it shows we have a fair enough 1-11 but any injuries/suspensions we are f.....
  12. CityofLisburn

    Sea of Green and more...

    think it was mentioned earlier the big change for me is the kop , not the same atmosphere since rebuilt .
  13. CityofLisburn

    Line up V Belarus

    That's the great thing about football so many opinions , for me McNair was really good great on the ball and great energy and of course crowned it with the goal, and for me J Evans was poor kept giving the ball away and looked really ragged latter part of the game. What do I know or care on a high tonight
  14. CityofLisburn

    Line up V Belarus

    spot on superb all night What a result
  15. CityofLisburn

    Math thread (Tallin)

    Great result and keeps the interest going would take a draw now in Belarus . Not our best performance but we battled had a bit of luck and took our chances at last. We don't look as solid at the back as before , keeper whilst he made 2 big saves looks like a mistake in him and lewis to me is better going forward, still not sure about Savage maybe he is trying to hard and McNair needs to play more central. Felt sorry for Boyce just no support , big Josh and Washington looked sharp and Jones as well although I would use him at the moment as an impact Sub. Need Norwood back as Davo beginning to look a bit of the pace. Big plus for me was Gavin Whyte he looks like a real player full of confidence and will only get better.