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  1. Central America tour

    Thanks. No Belfast Telegraph or could reports from the two above appear using another name?
  2. Central America tour

    I noticed this morning on the BBC sport schedule that there is a MOTD next Monday or is it Tuesday covering Mexico v Wales. No mention of our match.
  3. Central America tour

    Which NI football journalists will be in Central America covering these matches?
  4. Starting XI v South Korea

    Hoe many subs can be used in this match?
  5. South Korea Match Predictions

    South Korea for match against us and also against Poland. http://www.kfa.or.kr/eng/national/teamlist.asp?gubun=13001
  6. Home game kick-off times

    I think there are later Sunday night flights to Birmingham and two or three trains an hour from Birmingham International to Euston even on a Sunday evening.
  7. "The 52 countries will be split into four divisions, each featuring four groups of three or four teams. Each team will play six games with the four group winners in the top division playing the semi-finals and final in June 2019 to determine the winner." A group of three teams with each team playing six games. I make that three games against each of the other two sides in the group.