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  1. flashcrues

    Nations League Draw.. (3/3/20)

    Went there about a year and a half ago too Richard, albeit just the one full day and night with work. Nice spot. Still bears, wolves and snakes in the forest/mountain there! Hopefully wangle a wee work trip there when we play. Flights to Vienna are cheap enough at the minute as well so good chance of going to Austria, really enjoyed it the last time. Not sure about Norway, ideally it would be a few days trip as I've never been but flights are dear and it's a dear hole itself so more than likely a No-Go.
  2. flashcrues

    Post Mortem

    Super performance from the lads, couldn't really fault anyone. Jamal was my MOTM just pipping Bailey (possibly could have done better for the second). Lewis' speed is a massive asset for us, he doesn't crumble under pressure either. We had some great moves down the wings and ultimately were very unlucky not to score one or two against ze mighty Germans! Can't help thinking that if Laffs had've stayed at Hearts and played regular football for the past two seasons he'd have started and put one or two of those chances away (and then got himself sent off for an off the ball barney with one of their defenders ha ha!). Apart from a lost ball in the middle of the park in the first half when Cathcart ended up bailing him out, Jonny Evans was class again. Did some great running back a few times to get the ball off the German forwards who aren't exactly slow. All in all, gutted by the second goal, felt we didn't deserve it but proud as punch of the players and managers. We played champagbe football against Germany for long periods FFS!!!!!!
  3. flashcrues

    Belarus rubles

    Good man!
  4. flashcrues

    Belarus rubles

    So is there anywhere we can drop off the roubles? I'm heading home this weekend and can leave them somewhere.
  5. flashcrues

    Post mortem

    I also noticed Boyce was one of the first to the fans after the game, seemed delighted with it despite not playing. Just mentioning this as some people question his commitment for, what i can only assume, having been a C'ville player. Also saw Whyte and Sykes give each other hugs/high fives when the final whistle went, great attitude from the lads who didn't play as you say EG.
  6. flashcrues


    Barcelona - Tallinn and Minsk-Barcelona flights bought. Just need to get the others in agreement about getting from Tallinn to Minsk now and it's sorted!
  7. flashcrues

    Euro 2020 Qualifying Draw

    Spain and Andorra. The Spaniards are there for the taking again and it'd be two easy trips for me. Unless they play in the Canary Islands again ffs.
  8. flashcrues

    Squad v Bosnia (and Israel)

    Bad craic about Ben Reeves indeed. Regarding Whyte (and to a lesser degree Paul Smyth since he has already made his debut and scored) I have to agree with what Michael said about players needing to work hard and not get promoted to the senior squad just because of a handful of league appearances. Now, having said that, on this occasion the fact the U-21s are playing Spain softens the blow for me of not seeing the wee Hatchetman Whyte making his debut as I think 90 minutes against Spain U-21s are much more valuable than maybe 20 minutes against Israel.
  9. flashcrues

    South Korea

    At the end of the day it was a good learning experience for the younger/newer lads. It also shows that while Lewis might be flying with Norwich there is a big difference playing international football against the better teams. However, that's why we have friendlies, to try out new guys and new systems. It's reassuring to know that we had a lot of important players missing and still performed relatively well. Onwards and upwards!!!!!