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  1. flashcrues

    Squad v Bosnia (and Israel)

    Bad craic about Ben Reeves indeed. Regarding Whyte (and to a lesser degree Paul Smyth since he has already made his debut and scored) I have to agree with what Michael said about players needing to work hard and not get promoted to the senior squad just because of a handful of league appearances. Now, having said that, on this occasion the fact the U-21s are playing Spain softens the blow for me of not seeing the wee Hatchetman Whyte making his debut as I think 90 minutes against Spain U-21s are much more valuable than maybe 20 minutes against Israel.
  2. flashcrues

    South Korea

    At the end of the day it was a good learning experience for the younger/newer lads. It also shows that while Lewis might be flying with Norwich there is a big difference playing international football against the better teams. However, that's why we have friendlies, to try out new guys and new systems. It's reassuring to know that we had a lot of important players missing and still performed relatively well. Onwards and upwards!!!!!