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Post mortem

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17 hours ago, flashcrues said:

I also noticed Boyce was one of the first to the fans after the game, seemed delighted with it despite not playing. Just mentioning this as some people question his commitment for, what i can only assume, having been a C'ville player. 

Always gives his all and is a nice guy to go with it.

Hes been unlucky in the games hes played being be isolated 

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17 hours ago, chopper1 said:

cheers eightball, is there any way to record the match on the iplayer on to  a usb pen, i have a smart tv

Has anyone else recorded the match or highlights ?


Download it using get-iplayer - https://github.com/get-iplayer/get_iplayer_win32/releases/tag/3.20.0

get_iplayer --pid m0005z1j

Works fine as I've just tried it.

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20 hours ago, exhausted said:

You can download shows from iplayer but not sure what you would have to do to get that on USB or if you actually can 

If you do it through the BBC’s app I’m pretty sure you can only watch it for X days and it will have DRM protection.

See my earlier post. That will do what you want.

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